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Torq Sports International

Racket Specifications

Below is a brief explanation of what each specification and terminology means for a standard badminton racket. The information shown are not International Standards and should only be taken as a general guideline.



Stiffness of Shaft

Medium (Flexible)

Partial transfer of energy from wrist action. Flexible shaft stores energy at swing motion giving more repulsion of shuttlecock at impact from the racket. Good for defensive and control play style (clears, overheads, returning smashes, etc...)

Stiff (Limited Flexibility)

Reasonable transfer of energy from wrist action, good for both defensive and offensive play style

Extra Stiff (Minimum Flexibility)

Maximum transfer of energy from wrist action. Minimum shaft movement gives high accuracy on shuttlecock positioning. Ideal for offensive play style (smashing, net kill, etc...)

Frame Shape

Conventional - Oval Head Shape (smaller sweet-spot)

Isometric - Square Head Shape (wider sweet-spot)

Frame Composition

Base Material


Hi-Modulus Graphite

Ultra Hi-Modulus Graphite

Nano Carbon / Fullerene


Titanium Composite (Utility Titanium)






Shaft Composition

Base Material


Hi-Modulus Graphite

Ultra Hi-Modulus Graphite

Nano Carbon / Fullerene


Titanium Composite (Utility Titanium)




Racket Weight

2U - 90-94g

3U - 85-89g

4U - 80-84g

Total Length (frame tip ‚Äď handle end)

665mm / 26.0 inches - Standard

675mm / 26.5 inches - Long

Grip Size

Grip Size is the Circumferencial Thickness of a Grip Handle (with the original leather grip on)

Hi-Qua / Tactic G2 - 3.25 inches       Yonex G2 - 4.00 inches

Hi-Qua / Tactic G3 - 3.50 inches       Yonex G3 - 3.75 inches

Hi-Qua / Tactic G4 - 3.75 inches       Yonex G4 - 3.50 inches

Hi-Qua / Tactic G5 - 4.00 inches       Yonex G5 - 3.25 inches

String Tension Tolerance

Aluminium & Hi-Modulus Graphite Frames

Main 18-20lbs (8-9kg)

Cross 20-22lbs (9-10kg)

Ultra Hi-Modulus Graphite / Nano Carbon Frames

Main 18-26lbs (8-12kg)

Cross 20-28lbs (9-13kg)

Balance Point from Grip End

270-280mm = Head Light         (for Defensive & Control Play)

275-285mm = Neutral               (for All-Round Performance)

285-295mm = Head Heavy        (for Offensive Play)

 Understanding Yonex Racket Codes

All genuine Yonex rackets have 2 sets of Laser-Etched serial number, one on the shaft, the other on the cone.


Shaft (7 digits) - Example: 1234567

This number is unique, like the finger-print, to each racket.


Cone (6 digits + 2 alphabets) - Example: 110562JP

The first 5 digits show the date of manufacture of the racket. In the case of the above example, the racket was manufactured on 11th May, 2006. The meaning of the last digit remains a mystery. The 2 alphabets denotes the Code of Distribution. The Code of Distribution is intended to show the country or the market in which the racket is officially to be sold, or the market group by which the racket is intended for use. In the above example, JP stands for Japan.


Below are some examples of Code of Distribution:


AS = Australia, BX = Belgium / Netherlands, CD = Canada, CH = China, CN / CP = Chinese National Team, DK = Denmark, FR = France, GR = Germany, HK = Hong Kong, ID = India, IN / IP = Indonesia, JP = Japan, KR = Korea, MA = Malaysia, NZ = New Zealand, SD = Sweden, SP = Singapore, TH = Thailand, TW = Taiwan, UK = United Kingdom, US = USA


To-date, there is no published literature and data from Yonex indicating the differences between rackets of different country codes.



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